We are The USS Fort Worth Support Committee, focused on recognizing and promoting the achievements of the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat ship, USS Fort Worth (LCS-3), and the crew who have served on the ship.

Our mission is to promote local awareness of the USS Fort Worth’s Naval service and infuse the USS Fort Worth with friendship, heritage and spirit of the City of Fort Worth throughout the life of her service. We aim to provide lasting and favorable memories of the City of Fort Worth to all Sailors who serve aboard the ship.

With our foundation of members, donors, sponsors and supporters we can make a difference through our community engagement and crew relations programs. Help us build an everlasting bond with the USS Fort Worth crews and their families. Join us at one of our next events to find out how you can Support the Fort!

Or you can help us now by donating to our Senior Sailor of the Quarter awards. Want to help us recognize our Sailors? Become a hat sponsor! 

Upcoming Events

Pre-Deployment Happy Hour

January 30, 2020 

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March Happy Hour & Care Package Drive

March 05, 2020 

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3rd Annual Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta

June 12, 2020 

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The Captain of the USS Fort Worth told ship sponsor, Congresswoman Granger:

"We know without a doubt that we are loved by the city of Fort Worth because we constantly receive cards, artwork, food and chances to participate in city events....Knowing that we are treasured by the city causes every Sailor to take additional pride in being part of the ship and makes them work that much harder to make y'all proud that we share your name."